Carol Hunt is a journalist, broadcaster, equality and social justice campaigner.   For the past ten years, she’s written a column for the Sunday Independent on topics ranging from debt and mental health to equality and social justice. She also writes for the Irish Independent and Herald and is a regular panellist on radio and TV.

Carol is running as a candidate in the Seanad 2016 election NUI panel.

Carol grew up on Newtown Park Avenue, Blackrock and attended St Mary’s, Haddington Rd  and Newpark Comprehensive schools.


Carol believes our political system needs to do better for the individuals and families it is meant to serve. She has campaigned, written and spoken regularly on issues such as; mental health, reproductive rights, debt forgiveness, child poverty and other human rights issues. She has campaigned for the introduction of an adequate and fair childcare scheme.

My priorities include:

  • Reforming the Seanad: The implementation of the proposals put forward by the 2015 Seanad Working Group on Reform
  • A fairer future: After five regressive budgets we need to address growing economic inequality.
  • Protection of our most vulnerable: lone parents, carers, elderly and the disabled.
  • A resourced, holistic plan to reform our mental health system.
  • Greater support for SMEs, local businesses and the self-employed, who provide nearly 70% of Irish employment.
  • Affordable childcare and equality of access to schools for all children regardless of faith, background or ability.
  • A referendum on the repeal of the 8th amendment.

For more information check out the “issues” page or my blog for the latest updates.


Carol graduated from Trinity College Dublin (TCD) in 2003 with the Wray prize for political philosophy and won a TCD studentship to study an integrated Masters/PhD in political philosophy.

Career and Family:

Prior to returning to college in 1999, Carol worked as an award-winning actress, mainly for The Punchbag Theatre in Galway where she met her husband, David. They have two children, Sophie and Oscar.